Can you anodise other metals besides aluminium?
No. Anodising is solely a treatment for aluminium.
Can my anodised metal be re-anodised?
Yes, the existing anodising can be stripped off and the work re-anodised. However every time you strip the work, a portion of the aluminium is taken off as well, so this will change the dimensions of the metal.
I have to modify my anodised metal - what is the procedure for this?
Firstly the anodising should be stripped off. Then any modifications or remedial work should be done to the aluminium. Finally the aluminium can be re-anodised. It is important to take off the old anodising first otherwise you will have to sand through the anodised layer and hence you will reduce the layers of the metal causing an uneven look when re-anodised.
How do I maintain the anodised surface?
Because of the hardness of the aluminium oxide layer formed during anodising, scars and wear from fabrication, handling, installation, frequent surface dirt, cleaning and usage are virtually non-existent. Rinsing or mild soap and water cleaning usually will restore an anodised surface to its original appearance. Never use an abrasive or caustic cleaner.
Is the anodised product a green product?
Yes - The anodised product is a green product, anodising protects the aluminium so it does not corrode and contaminate the environment as well as the anodising goes into the metal not on top so there is nothing to peel or flake off.
Please also see our sustainable processes.
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