This is a new up to the minute finish using an acid-etch pre-treatment process.

Alert Anodising is proudly the first in New Zealand to offer this finish. This process is now extensively used in North America and Asia with many plants using this proven technology.

The AliHaze process produces a smooth satin finish and is an ideal solution to minimise and blend surface blemishes such as die lines which are common to extruded aluminium. Unlike bead-blasting this process does not risk physically deforming your product. AliHaze allows a consistent finish for your entire project, from partitioning and joinery through to exterior flashings and louvres.

If your aluminium product is compatible with our tank capacity then we recommend utilising the modern AliHaze finish.

NATURAL MATT FINISHES  *  Tank Capacity: 6500 x 1300 x 450 * No dye or electrolytic colouring required
Marine 20
Heavy Duty Marine 25

NOTE: Whilst we take utmost care to achieve colour consistency some colour variations may occur due to microscopic differences in aluminium grades unique to each mill and batches.
The image above shows a detailed view of two finished surfaces. The AliHaze surface on the left clearly shows a smoother satin like textured finish. To view a AliHaze sample
please contact us.
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