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Bright Anodising is a pre-process utilised to brighten up the metal prior to anodising, often referred to as 'bright dipping'. The aluminium product is submerged in a tank to chemically polish the aluminium. If a natural (silver) aluminium colour is required, the product does not require colouring and proceeds directly to the anodising then sealing process to close surface pores. The 'Bright' finish can potentially highlight flaws in the aluminium surface due to the highly shiny and reflective finish. Polishing your aluminium product prior to brightening will help to achieve the best possible final finish. The finished article is glossy and can be highly reflective depending on the aluminium grade. Common applications include light reflectors, bathroom trims and joinery, motorbike and car parts.

Electrolytic and dye processing is available to achieve your colouring requirements.

NATURAL BRIGHT FINISHES  *  Tank Capacity: 3000 x 1300 x 450
Semi Bright
Marine 20
Semi Bright
Heavy Duty Marine 25
1      Chemically brighten the work
2      Initial anodising process opens aluminium oxide surface pores
3      Open pores absorb dye when submerged in speciality dye
4      Submerge aluminium product in sealing tank to close the
        pores and seal in the colour
Tank Capacity: 3000 x 1200 x 450
Tank Capacity: 350 x 350 x 700

1      Polish if required
2      Chemically brighten the work
3      Anodising process creates aluminium oxide surface pores
4      Tiny deposits of colour particles fill the open pores by submerging
        the product in a special chemical bath. The longer the submerging
        time the more colour particles captured, resulting in shades varying
        from champagne to black.
4      Submerge aluminium product in sealing tank to close the
        pores and seal in the colour
To achieve the electrolytic colours a minimum of 20sqm of metal is needed per load. If quantity of work has small sqm we put many customers work on one load to achieve the sqm needed. This could incur a delay.
Tank Capacity: 3000 x 1300 x 450
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